Stainless Steel

Working with polished metals is always a challenge, however, the end result is well worth the extra time and obstacles that seem to be inevitable. Stainless steel carries a few of it’s own special demands. The key is choosing the proper finish for the particular piece. This will guaranty an end product of the highest possible quality and provide the greatest value.

Known to be one of the most widely used and difficult alloys to work with, Stainless Steel has now become the finish of choice for industrial, commercial and residential surfaces. Let our knowledge and experience with this material provide you the best quality and cost effectiveness available.

Any project requires careful planning and consideration. At Design Fab, Inc. we utilize our experience in AutoCAD and sheet metal layout techniques in order to provide the most attractive and cost effective result. From field measurements to computer aided fabrication drawings to computer aided laser cutting and cold forming, our concern with the accuracy of the end product is surpassed by none. Carefully handling the material during all of the fabrication, finishing and installation stages insures a job well done and a product for all to admire.

Hospitals and Clinics are well known for their use of stainless steel. It is highly functional in the harsh chemical environment of the medical industry. These photos show it’s beauty as well as functionality when one combines a satin stainless finish with these beautiful mahogany cabinets.

As we all know High School classrooms, especially science and home economics can be harsh environments for counter tops. These counter tops were retro-fitted during a complete renovation of this high school. The D/A (dual action) finish allows for future scratches to be removed and the finish matched with ease using a standard electric sander.

When durability and high traffic are the main concerns stainless steel again wins out. Designed for years of continual use and eighteen hour days, these gate counters utilize stainless end conditions, flip over top shelves, base/kick panels and perforated cabinet door faces to add a finishing touch and durability to these counter cabinets.

Here are some examples of some of Design Fab’s stainless steel fabrication:

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